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さまざまなスクールのレッスンに参加しているときに、名実ともに世界最高峰といわれるサルサチーム「Yamlee Dance Company(ヤムレー・ダンスカンパニー)」のディレクター、Osmar Perrones(オスマール・ぺローネス)の目に留まりスカウトされる。カンパニーに所属後は、1日8時間を超える練習で研鑽を積み、スピニング(回転)とフォローイングの技術の高さ、日本人離れした手足の長い美しい肢体、そして繊細で力強い表現力が評価を受け、東洋人として初めてカンパニーの先鋭であるプロフェッショナル・メンバーとして国際ツアーに参加。



Mariの噂は、不在にしていた日本でも徐々に広まっていき、2013年にはコロンビアで行われた“オリンピック種目外のオリンピック”と言われるワールドゲームスのダンススポーツ サルサ部門の日本代表にもなっている。


2014年より活動ベースをフランスに移し、ヨーロッパで人気沸騰中のアレグリア・ダンスカンパニーに所属。NY時代に増して、精力的に国際舞台で踊りつづけており、NYのヤムレー時代から数えるとその数は既に100ステージを超えた。ヨーロッパでは“アジアの美しき雌豹“と評され、まさに世界を股にかけて活躍中。フランスの人気テレビ番組「Got to dance」にも出演し、サルサ界を超えて認知が広がった。







Mari YOGO is the only female salsa dancer in Asia who has been invited to world dance festivals over 20 counties.

Born in Aichi prefecture, Japan, 1982. Soon after getting an economy degree from University of Japan, she went to NY to learn salsa and took various dance lessons, where Osmar Perrones, the director of Yamulee Dance Company, taught. Osmar found her talent and invited her to join his company. Training over 8 hours a day, she became the first Asian dancer to join the top professional team of the company.

Mari was highly evaluated for her astonishing spinning and following technique, surprisingly long beautiful arms and legs, and delicate yet powerful expression. She danced 3 years as a professional dancer of the company participating in many world tours. With her sabor and passion, powerful expression and long legs even compared to western dancers, she became an unusually great salsa dancer for Japanese.

Mari became known even in Japan. She officially selected as representing Japan the World Games in 2013 Dance-sport events held in Columbia, sometimes mentioned as “non-Olympic yet Olympic equivalent”.

She currently resides in France as a member of Alegria Dance Company, one of the most known company in Europe. Mari has been dancing for so many world stages, now over 100 shows in total including the stages during her career in Yamulee. Also appeared on the French TV show “Got to dance” gaining popularity outside of the salsa world.

She flies back home once every few months since 2013 for showcases and workshops all over Japan. Mari is very much happy to introduce and share her unique method and secrets of her technique with her students.

Professional dancers are different from athletes by the way of maintaining their muscular yet beautiful bodies, and Mari believes her method and training are also beneficial for non-dancers who desire for “healthy beauty” shifted from typical Japanese perspective of “thinner the better”. With her knowledge of various bodies which she learned through working with a lot of people from all over the world, she provides her popular body-conditioning classes.